Recycle your old iPhone as a Wi-Fi enabled peephole

by Shayne Rana

Sometimes when you can’t get rid of old or slightly damaged mobile phones, they just sit in a drawer collecting dust. Truth be told, some might still be in working condition save for a few bruises and in these cases, instead of wasting the technology, one company has found a rather useful way of putting your old phone to use. Xentry uses your old iPhone or Galaxy device as a peephole for your home. So far they’ve designed a housing to accommodate the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and the Samsung Galaxy S. Ok so they don’t really care much for other major brands so this would be preferably for those who fans who just can’t part with their old iPhones or Android devices.

It’s a simple set up really – the older smartphone is placed in a little sealed box on the inside your front door and via a Wi-Fi connection will stream audio/video (like a video intercom) to your smartphone allowing you to see and communicate with whoever is outside your door. A company called Xavage Technologies are the brains behind the box and corresponding app to support the system. Their patent-pending audio set up should also provide much clearer audio than one would expect. The app needs to be installed on your current device and the one being used as the peeper. The app also has a few additional features like a voice changer and door movement notifications. Take a look at how it works after the jump.

The company is currently vying for funding via Indiegogo. Those interested can send in $55 for the housing, high quality peephole assembly, modified peephole ring amplifier, 15′ USB extension cable, and the Xentry mobile app. Recycling is in!

[Via – Psfk]

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