Recording Industry Association of America Wastes Millions Pursuing Copyright Infringement Cases

by iona

Somebody or something at the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) needs to change. Reports have revealed that in 2008, the RIAA paid out $16 million to recover only $391,000 in copyright infringement claims. On the one hand, this could be legislative madness. On the other, it could be seen as a big industry’s vain attempt to scare little fish out of illegal downloads and file sharing. If these figures seem excessive to you, though, take a look at those for previous years. In 2007, more than $21 million was blown on legal fees, and $3.5 million on “investigative operations” – whatever they may be. Just $515,929 was recovered – a deficit of around $24 million. In 2006, the RIAA forked out over $19 million in legal fees and more than $3.6 million in “investigative operations”, to recover just $455,000.

If those numbers have left you slightly mind-boggled, here it is in short – over 3 years, the RIAA spent around $64 million to recover around $1.3 million. Rather than trying to stamp out illegal downloads and file-sharing, wouldn’t this money be better spent investing ways to adapt these facilities, so the industry, artists and music fans worldwide can benefit without any law-breaking? Or am I just being idealistic?
[Recording Industry VS People]