Rear-Projection Urinal makes sure you don’t miss a minute of the game

by Dhiram Shah

That grueling 45 minute half of the league final makes sure that you’re in tune with every moment of the game. Every single move can mark its place in the history of the game and surely, the beer you’ve doused has given you a lot to think about pressing issues like the color of the referee’s socks, the time passed since you saw the finals with your aging dad and other such trivial facts. How on earth can you miss a second of the game, even to a blink? But then, all the beer finally fills our tiny bladders and torments us, thus bringing about the urgency of a trip to the loo. That’s a pity. So we have this cool urinal that keeps you in tune with the game even while you pee. The game is on, thanks to a rear projector that displays the game, even as you continue peeing.

The downside: the urinal can be found in a pub in Melbourne. Another downer, it will not hide your lust for Britney Spears, every time she pops up on the screen.

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