Real Love Dolls by Orient Industry

by shilpa

After reading about a game flight and a beer-dispensing game station, I thought that’s it – all the man now need is some sexy hallucination of sorts to satisfy every man’s need. And what do you know – my premonitions are answered with Orient Industry’s new Real Love Dolls. The range consists of three types – one with a cloth body that weighs just 4 kg, a second type that is a soft plastic body with detachable parts such as arms and legs and a third that has a silicon body with realistic skin material. Ange, as she’s called, is made of a uniquely developed silicon material and its internal bone structure uses the new Titan Frame 2 that enables joint movement and the ability to be upright.

She is all of 157 cm tall and weighs 25 kg and ‘users’ can select one of 10 head types and 35 hair types as well as a range of bust size, hair color and hair amount. No it doesn’t end there, although most men would just be happy with these, ‘users’ can also opt for movable pupils and fingers. This is a human solution to every man’s need – and what do you know, this one won’t nag and won’t even terrorise with PMS. Prices are $1,138 for the cloth doll, between $2,421 and $3,630 for the soft plastic doll and between $6,050 and $8,470 fro the silicon doll.

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