RCA to roll in three new Hybrid Mobile TVs, in-car tuner card

by Gareth Mankoo

RCA are on a release spree here with dashing new releases. Most of these are part of the portable market. Comprising this is a trio of new Hybrid Mobile TVs. First, the 3.5-inch DMT335R has LED backlighting and is powered by AA rechargeable batteries that can last up to four hours. Next is the DMT336R that measures 3.5-inches and has a widescreen LED backlight screen as well, in addition to FM radio, rechargeable batteries and an option to power up using an AC adapter. Last and the best is the 7-inch mammoth with a 500:1 contrast ratio and charging options.

Following the three portables is an in-car TV tuner called the DMT3BR. It costs $129 and can make driving a lot more difficult to concentrate on.

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