Razer ‘Project Fiona’ gaming tablet ushers in a new era for gaming buds

by ruchi

Razer realized that the only way of gaining leverage in the gaming industry is do something better than the mouse-keyboard combination. They have come up with their Fiona Tablet project which intends to bring portable PC gaming to the tablet form-factor. The device made an appearance at CES and is a Windows 7 tablet running on a Core-i7 Intel Ivy Bridge processor. It weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 pounds and the moment you see the two analog joysticks on either side of the tablet, you realize this is one hell of a gaming beauty.

Razer intends to put this on the shelves by the end of the year with price tag under $1,000. Probably as we get closer to the expected launch time, some more juicy tidbits will flow in.

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