Razer Blade pre-orders for $2,800 to begin soon

by ruchi

Razer has been long working on its high-end gaming laptop but the good news is that Razer Blade is now ready to make you weak in your knees. The rumor ninjas around the blogsphere have learnt that this laptop will be available for pre-order in the next few days with the actual baby landing in the owner’s hand just in time for Christmas. The list of high-end specs hgere includie a 256GB SSD, 17-inch, 1920 x 1080 display plus a secondary multitouch display that can either be used as a trackpad or as a gaming shortcut display, a 2.8GHz core i7 processor, and an Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics card with 2GB of memory. The price is steep at $2,800 tag but a sweet gaming machine like this will never come cheap.

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