Raspberry Pi Micro PC is up for pre-orders

by Gareth Mankoo

Now you can pre-order the Raspberry Pi Micro PC to get some real good feel of from-the-heart Chinese technology. Home theatre PC enthusiasts will have the device to look forward to. It plugs into your television’s HDMI port to send data across to create the magic it is built to create. The Raspberry Pi Micro PC will be available in two versions, the first being the one that has a 700Mhz ARM 11 CPU, 256MB RAM, HDMI and RCA outputs, support for 1080p video, a SDHC card planted on the motherboard with the OS and other necessaries and USB connectivity for peripheral support. The second model packs the same plus an extra USB port and Ethernet.

The latter of the above two Raspberry Pi Micro PCs costs $35 and is on sale. The lighter $25 version will be entering production shortly.

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