Ranger a hit in Sun’s Constellation.

by yogesh

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced two new systems designed to address the extreme computation, scale and storage requirements of today’s high-performance computing (HPC) customers. The Sun Constellation System is an open computing environment that combines ultradense, high-performance compute, networking, storage, and software into an integrated “petascale” general-purpose system. Running Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows, the Sun Constellation System is designed to scale from departmental clusters to the largest supercomputer configurations, enabling customers to solve complex computational problems. The Sun Constellation CentOS Linux Cluster, named Ranger, will have 3,936 nodes, 123 terabytes of memory and 62,976 processor cores from AMD Opteron quad-core processors. The system is specifically designed to support very large science and engineering computing, according to TACC.

Ranger will go into initial production in December, and all system components will be connected via a full-Clos InfiniBand interconnect. Eighty-two compute racks will house the infrastructure, which will sit in TACC’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus in Austin, Texas.

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