R2-D2 robot projects milky way on ceiling

by Gavril Mankoo

Just as we expected, the Tokyo International Toy Show had on display some pretty jaw-dropping and eye-widening toys shown off by manufacturers from around the globe, including this little R2-D2 robot. Now unlike the original robot that projects Princess Leia, this one uses SEGA Toy’s HomeStar Planetarium Projectors to project our galaxy on the ceiling. Well, it’s just our milky way for now, so star gazers can go look elsewhere if they’re on a search for Hoth, Tatooine and their cronies. To hit Japanese stores this December with a pricetag of about $85, this one seems to be a pretty interesting way to educating yourself and finding your way through our galaxy. And for those who’re still dreaming of catching a glimpse of Princess Leia with this one, dream on!


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