R2-D2 NES Case Mod adds more zing to your gaming setup

by Gareth Mankoo

Who needs to go in for those sophisticated, sleek case mods for NES consoles when you have something as awesome as the R2-D2 mod in the arena? Mark Bongo of Major League Mods has designed a special R2-D2 with an NES console fitted inside it. The cartridge slot is awkwardly located at the back of the droid, along with a power plug and audio and video connection ports. The frontal portion of the bot packs a power and reset button that produces the typical R2-D2 sounds. To add more authenticity to the design, the develop added blue LEDs at the base of the bot.

And to top it all, there’s a customized R2-D2 themed controller with red and blue buttons. This one does stand out as one of the many useful applications of the Star Wars bot. We have earlier seen it function as a drink dispenser, a USB hub and a lot more.


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