Quantum teleportation achieved at the University of Tokyo

by Shayne Rana

That famous line, Beam me up Scotty (although never ever quite said like that in the series of the Star Trek movies), might just be on its way to being a reality. Some of the geniuses the University of Tokyo, part of an elite squad called the Furusawa group, have successfully demonstrated complete quantum teleportation of photonic quantum bits. This was achieved with the help of a hybrid technique which a first for the world.

Ok so maybe that was little too much information to process for some, myself included, but essentially what this team is working on is teleportation. However, things aren’t as simply as all that. Not like disintegrating into light beams and appearing on some planet surface or like entering one pod like Jeff Goldblum in the Fly and exiting out another (hopefully with no stowaways) but it is similar. Furusawa group is following what the team at Innsbruck University in Austria achieved awhile back only using a alternative means of processing the information form one source to the destination. Although the experiment was a success such quantum teleportation couldn’t be used for data processing, as the data needed to be measured after it was “beamed” that and the efficiency of the delivery method was low. This is the next step towards quantum computing and the new age in technology.

[Via – Diginfo]