Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Bridge to begin construction next year

by shilpa

When the plans for this project first broke out in Bahrain, the residents held their hearts from collapsing or crushing in horrific anticipation as the Qataris disrupt traffic and life even more. The news said in big, front line fonts that it will be complete by 2011 – the world’s longest marine causeway connecting Qatar and Bahrain called (yeah, how corny) the Qatar–Bahrain Friendship Causeway. Good news finally says that this 13 mile long bridge will only begin construction next year which means the completion will be farther than 2011. There is happiness yet again in the hearts of the many expatriates who value every fraction of a second they are on the roads with Qatari registrations flying past them.

The cost of this ridiculously long, irrelevant bridge is $3 billion and is expected to take around four and a half years to complete. So now, what takes four hours will be reduced to 30 minutes which means more Qataris on the roads which means more fear and more terrors on the roads of the calm island, Bahrain. People are expecting tens of thousands of cars to pass it everyday!

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