Qantas In-flight entertainment to be upgraded to iPads

by Gareth Mankoo

The US air force discovered the advantages of the iPad when in the air over a year ago . Now, Australian airline giants, Qantas, is blessing its passengers with a touch of technology along their journies. The company holds the honor of being the largest airline in Australia and the oldest continuously operated airline in the world. Each pasenger can avail of the pleasure of an iPad, loaded with over 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music. What’s better is that this will be made available in all classes of the carrier (from Sydney to Honolulu). Qantas leverages Q streaming to enable in-flight entertainment directly to individual iPads, with the help of on-board Wi-Fi. This pretty much spells doom to in-flight magazines and other modes of consumer engagement on-board. Everything is going truly digital, even if its 35,000 feet about the ground.

A similar endeavor was carried out by American Airlines who offered customers a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on select reoutes. Commencing its services with entertainment, Qantas plans to extend the offering to more services such as games and information in the future.

[Via – Ubergizmo]