Pussy Cat PC Concept

by Dhiram Shah

The PC design competition brought to us by Microsoft has many innovative entries, but the most intriguing by far is the Pussy Cat. This A.I. feline can provide you with some fun and entertainment. Pussy Cat has 2 modes: Personal Computer Mode and Pussy Cat Mode. As a Personal Computer, all basic tasks like: watching video, listening music, playing game, surfing internet, instant messaging, email, reminder, alarm, etc. are rendered. As a Pussy Cat she is A.I. 4-legged robotic cat that can roam around your home and display its feline skills. It has face recognition technology so that it remembers who’s the boss! It even doubles up as a wise home security option.

With a self feeding system it has an automatic charging technology for charging up the power. It works as an air refresher. Basically a good concept, but we got to wait till it becomes a reality.

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