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Purizon Ultrasonic Washer

by Dhiram Shah

At the Housing Fair 2006 Purizon Korea showcased the Ultrasonic washer. Instead of using detergents it uses Ultrasonic cleaning to wash and sterilize tableware. Ultrasonic vibration of high enery level creates million of vaccum bubbles which remove the tiniest of dirt particles and germs from the tiny pores on the surface. So now you do not have to worry about dirty plates just put the plate in the washer, turn the switch on and it does the rest, leaving the plate as good as new. It reduces water consumption and does not require detergent. It easily washes and sterilizes hard to clean fruits like grapes, cherries, tomotoes and vegetables that are easily damaged like Lettuce, green onions and other salad fixings withut bruising and tearing.

Purizon Ultrasonic Washer measures 435 x 500 x 266 mm pricing
and availability is not known yet..
Via – Aving

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  1. nihal

    ı_m a student from turkey and ı want to ask some thing about ultrasonic cleaning.is it possible to use this process without water ?


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