Puri Desalinating Water Bottle makes sea water drinkable

by Gavril Mankoo

If you’ve ever watched movies of people being shipwrecked and marooned at sea, you might’ve realized that sea water isn’t fit for drinking and can kill you quicker than thirst. Well, that isn’t reason enough to keep you away from the azure and from the world of sailing and shipping. The next time you decide to take a step away from land and cruise the high seas, here’s a fantastic innovation that could save you in time of need. Called the Puri Desalinating Water Bottle, this design by Younsun Kim, Kangkyung Lee, Byungsoo Kim and Minji Kim sports a system that removes salt from water, making it potable.

The Puri packs a small pumping system inside and effectively rids water of salt. Slim, portable and easy to use, the Puri is as essential as a life-jacket! The bottle uses reverse osmosis technology to draw the saline out of the water. The Puri also sports additional filters inside to further purify the water. This design could be the difference between life and death at sea and is built to support life at sea. The makers of the Puri Desalinating Water Bottle have also entered this design in the 2013 IDEA Design Awards.


[Via – Inhabitat]