Punkt to bring forth the most basic phone ever

by Gareth Mankoo

The difference between the mobile phones of a few years ago and today are the frills. While you may vow that no phone is complete without social media applications and relentless notifications and prompts, the MP 01 arrives with much confidence and style. The Swiss Design-led company Punkt tied up with designer Jasper Morrison to create the stripped down phone that handles calling and texting quite efficiently. The designer does describe the phone’s design as the ‘end of disconnection’. For us it seems quite the opposite. The phone is made of durable materials and set to be the best accompaniment you can have with you on far off adventures where nothing is more relevant than cellphone reception. It presently offers a monochromatic surface, durable 2-inch display, high quality speaker with noise cancellation, Bluetooth, a calendar, a clock and a long battery life. We really need to reconsider what we define as frills now.

punkt most basic phone ever 2

punkt most basic phone ever 3

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BeFunky Collage

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punkt most basic phone ever 9
The MP 01 will make its debut at the 2015 London Design Festival.

[ Via : Designboom]

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