Pump up the volume on the Sneaker Speakers

by Shalu Pillai

Why you would want a pair of sneakers belting out your music, I will never understand. But for those who like to stock on quirky little inventions, this one will knock the sneakers out of you, (pardon the pun!) as Nintendo NES has managed to cram a pair of sneakers into a shoe. The Sneaker Speakers, clichéd but aptly named, were made by high-end sneaker customizer Nashmoney at the recent Inspired Ingenuity creative competition for Havana Club. The speakers have been built into a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, with a full-range and tweeter loaded into each shoe, along with volume controls, an amplifier and controls built into the right shoe (or, left speaker.)

We don’t have a review on the quality of sound and as much as I am convinced they are more speakers than sneakers, this is one I wouldn’t take out of the box.

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