PSP Slim to get a Digital TV tuner

by Dhiram Shah

Man this has to be the coolest accessory any portable gaming console can get, a TV tuner so you can catch up with some Anime after a heavy session of Metal Gear Solid. Not much info is available on the PSP-S310 except that it will be available when the PSP Slim goes on sale in September 20th and will cost 6980 Yen ($ 58). The unit has an extendable antenna and is the same size as the PSP camera unit. Sadly the unit will work in Japan, as it is the only place where you get One-Seg terrestrial digital broadcasts. If only you can record TV content on the Memory Stick. I wonder what Nintendo has in store for the DS.
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  1. bunnybutar

    how and when can i get the new sony psp in china . i am in nanchang city . please tell me on my email address i want to buy so please help me on this

  2. juan carlos

    hello, i have just gotten the new red psp, it is with the tdt but only can be used un japan, do you know if there will be one available to america???

  3. Tony C

    I was just wondering when this is coming to the US, cause where getting switched 2 all that digital stuff next year, so we can use it here, cause it would be sweet


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