PS3 XCM Dominator Joystick is ready for grabs

by shilpa

Ever since the PS3 has brightened many a life, game lovers are only being pleasantly surprised with better gaming options. The XCM Dominator Joystick is the solution to perfect bliss. The company has also brought brilliant news to drooling fans of the product by tagging it at a price of $89.99 and shipping it out by next week. The new joystick comes with a set of 10 buttons with a macro mode for up to 20 steps that will be an easy maneuver for moves that on a regular game controller requires 4 to 8 different button combinations. The wonder gadget also offers unique features like Combo Attacker that can store combo moves and Independent Rapid Fire for borderline cheating. It has four memory keys where you can store macros for use while playing with a simple click on the memory button.

The XCM Dominator Joystick also comes with an attractive feature of blue LEDs surrounding the edge and that lights up while in action. Now, THIS one can definitely be a Valentine gift. Not just for him, even for the ‘hers’!

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