Private jets are to compete with automobiles in the future

by yogesh

Private jets are to be as familiar a sight as automobiles; there may be a place already who have small hangers beside their garages. We rely on our cars to get us to work, buy our groceries and provide us with some fun every now and then. But as our technology increases, will out beloved autos be nudged out by private airframes? “Jet” by Cirrus claims that it will in fact happen. By designing a personal jet that is easy to pilot, even with only one person but still luxurious, they hope to take the market to a whole new level. “Jet” can seat up to 7 people comfortably, and when the need arises, an 8th seat can be positioned between some of the rows of seats.

Navigation and flight control are all computerized and fed to the pilot through a single heads up display. A short take-off distance of roughly 850 meters is all that is needed to get airborne. Jet is capable of taking 5000lbs into the air and can reach a maximum altitude of 25,000 ft. Once you reach your desired height, Jet will cruise at roughly 300 knots. So some day well just flyby our friends.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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