Printing Facebook Lets You Poster-ize Your Friends Profile Pics

by iona

I don’t really understand whether this latest idea from Benjamin Lotan is designed to make you feel popular,
realize how few friends you really have, or urge you to go out and meet more people. Lotan’s site, Printing
Facebook, does exactly what it claims. It lets you print out the profile pics of all your Facebook ‘friends’ and
keep them as a poster. Printing Facebook is only available in a 20”x40” format, which means you will either
have to crop out those you don’t really know, like, or may never have met, or get some more ‘friends’ quick
sharp. Printing Facebook posters are high resolution prints, which Lotan thinks will make an “awesome gift”.
Not so sure I’d like one for my birthday, but perhaps if it were a bit cheaper I wouldn’t mind using it as gift wrap.

Lotan is taking Printing Facebook poster orders now. One copy will cost you $20.