Pressure sensitive keyboard prototype by Microsoft

by shilpa

This is something we all do… when we want to express something we normally over do with the keys on the keyboard. Like if surprised, you go like – WHATTTT????????? Microsoft’s hardware division came up with an interesting prototype – pressure-sensitive keyboards. On this, each key can register up to eight levels of pressure. Normally, this would be ideal for games using the extra pressure to run or jump or kill. But this is really useful to also use while writing a text to convey your real emotions. An interest feature is its typing corrector, which uses the pressure difference between keys you mean to type and keys you accidentally graze to fix your mistakes. Really interesting stuff – it’s like working in a team – you and your Mac or your DT (desktop) or etc.

Also, Microsoft is waiting in anticipation for students to flex their creative muscles for the Student Innovation Contest by Microsoft in October which will see many more such intriguing keyboard prototypes pouring in.