Pre-registration page of Sony Vaio ultraportable now online

by anoop

Sony Japan had put up a pre-registration page for their new ultraportable Sony Vaio X series. It was announced in the month of September beginning and it was listed as just “coming soon”. We are still waiting for the final specifications and the only thing that has been confirmed now by Sony was that it will be selling under the $2000 mark. The Vaio X-series comes with Intel Atom processor with a 1.1 inch display and a battery giving a full day use juice (this is what Sony claims, I bet it is under standard test condition and would probably have one or more stars!). Sony is also considering CULV processors for giving more flexibility and power to the X-series. The other features like 2 USB 2.0, VGA, Ethernet and also a multiformat card reader are also available and the X-series is just half-inch think carbon fiber and aluminum chassis. This will be available as soon as Windows 7 is released on October 22 after which things will be more clear and precise.