Precognitive sculpture uses an iPod to stream images from The Color of War documentary

by Shayne Rana

For those of you who aren’t aware, Christopher Conte happens to be an artiste of a slightly weird caliber. He’s specialty is what I like to call techno-art, sculptures with some sort of tech angle incorporated. His latest masterpiece is as bizarre as any of his others. Called Precognitive it depicts a skull with three lenses one for each eye and a third in the center symbolic of what some cultures consider the ‘third eye’. That’s how we get the whole precog motif. It’s quite a detailed sculpture and even has an iPod that’s used to stream images from the documentary – ‘The Color of War’ onto the three lenses. According to Conte – The analog lenses used as the eyes divide white light into the three additive primary colors. The entire sculpture is about 1 foot in height, 5 inches wide and about 8 inches deep. The eyes are made up of – “hacked innards of a large, shoulder-type professional video camera,” It’s quite the ‘eye’ candy even if it is a bit morbid.

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