Prayer Is Changing With These Tech Tools

by dhiram

The way we pray has changed over the centuries to meet the demands of each new era. With technology constantly improving, it’s no wonder we’ve seen Churches and religious leaders embracing certain tools with open arms to make services and prayer more accessible. The great thing about these tech tools is that they’re all web-based, and anyone with an internet connection can gain access to them.

Let’s take a closer look at how prayer, in general, is changing with tools like prayer apps, virtual reality, video conferencing software, and more.

Prayer Apps
An app that helps you pray? Prayer apps come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique features. Some apps offer daily prayer and Bible verses, others offer sermons, audiobooks, and more, and some even offer an entire network of fellow believers to interact with. The list of benefits goes on and on and on!

Prayer apps were originally designed to simply provide daily prayers, and while they still do, they’ve expanded to include a range of features for every user to enjoy. Apps like Pray are among the most noteworthy because they offer stories, prayers, networking opportunities, audio Bible streaming, and recorded sermons. That’s a lot of content in one app!

We’re lucky to have access to such amazing tools, and we’re excited to see what new features the prayer apps of the future will introduce.

Audiobooks and Recordings
Audiobooks and recorded sermons have become quite popular over the years, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, audiobook sales have skyrocketed. You can even find the entire Bible in audiobook format on certain apps or online in CD/digital audio format. Audiobooks offer a distinct advantage over their physical counterparts in that they can be enjoyed anytime. At work? Play an audiobook! Mowing the lawn? Listen to Bible stories.

It’s always nice to see recorded sermons growing in quality, too. We’re no longer in the days of pixelated VHS recording and garbled audio. Now, with modern tools, we can view even the largest sermons in stunning HD quality, so that none of the message is lost.

Some of the prayer apps we mentioned even have audio Bibles, stories, and sermons that you can view for free. Or, in some cases, you might need to pay for a premium package. Either way, it’s well worth the convenience!

If you can’t make it to church or simply don’t live in the same state as your favorite pastor/Christian speaker, you’re in luck. Livestreams have made even the largest prayer events and sermons as accessible as possible. You’ll feel like you’re actually sitting in the crowd listening with stunning HD video and audio.

Livestreaming has become a popular practice everywhere, and Churches are also starting to adopt the practice. Evangelicals like Joel Osteen have been live-streaming their sermons to millions of people for years, spreading the Word far and wide.

Video Conferencing
As COVID-19 forced many of us out of our jobs and into our homes for quarantine, we started missing one crucial part of our lives: spiritual and religious services. We couldn’t go to church anymore, but video conferencing services were there to help. Now, even as COVID restrictions loosen, we’re still seeing more and more churches and religious institutions using video conferencing for those that can’t make it.

This makes prayer and worship more accessible than ever before. Some people have medical problems that keep them confined, or else can’t get transportation to church. With video conferencing, they can interact with and attend church services from the comfort of their homes. That’s the way of the future.

Virtual Reality
There’s a good chance you’ve heard something about virtual reality in recent years, as it’s making waves across the globe by introducing a new and exciting digital medium. Virtual reality involves using a headset to submerge yourself in a 3D digital world. Your senses perceive what they’re experiencing to be “reality”, because you get a 360-degree view and you can interact with things in the digital world.

We’re curious to see how VR will impact prayer in the future. Will the churches of tomorrow be held in virtual reality rooms? Will we be able to interact with our church followers from greater distances?

Technology is constantly changing, and the way we worship is changing with it. It’s best to embrace the changes and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities they present. Things like prayer apps can allow you to have an entire faith toolset in your pocket at all times!

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