Pratesi Guitar Backpack with speakers costs just under $400!

by Gareth Mankoo

If you happen to be Slash, Steve Vai or Joe Sat or perhaps a really rich kid who knows how to strum a few power chords, then this may interest you. This cool backpack from Pratesi is shaped like a real guitar (stings, wooden texture, etc). It’s got an adjustable strap that can match your style and comfort. It’s made from vegetable dyed calf leather (gulp!) and actually claims to be unique! I actually saw one of the tramps sell something similar on the streets of Mexico. Anyways, the Pratesi backpack also has itsy bitsy speaker built-in that can be connected to your MP3 device. The speakers run on a couple of AA batteries.

The Pratesi Guitar Backpack is different from the one sold by tramps since it’s available with speakers and all the good things that come with brands. But what really separates it from the rest is that it costs a mind-whacking $398.

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