Power Pillow juices up your phone, at the risk of blowing your hair off

by Gavril Mankoo

Let’s not deny the fact that smartphones can double up as little bombs and explode in your pocket at times. While most of us try hard to keep away this fact from our minds, every time we slip our phones into our pockets, the phenomena isn’t new and we’ve had news pouring in of a girl being injured by an exploding Samsung Galaxy SIII before. This is probably why we’re a little to weary about a pillow that charges your smartphone as you lay your head on it and snore away. After all, an exploding smartphone placed near your head isn’t the best way to “wake up”! Called the Power Pillow, the creators of this piece of technology and furnishing combined chose to hail it as the “world’s first pillow that recharges smart devices.”

The Power Pillow isn’t a technological marvel however, and is simply a portable charger surrounded by the plush housing of a regular pillow! This one allows you to plug your smartphone in and have it juice up, just in case a power outlet isn’t around. What fails to impress us is the practicality of the Power Pillow however, given that under most circumstances, if the comfort of a pillow is around, a power socket will be available too! The Power Pillow pack includes two 12000mAh battery packs, one soft battery housing, one cable wallet, and two micro-USB charging cables and the concept currently seeks funding on Kickstarter.


[Via – Gizmag]

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