Post-it Plus App helps you digitize your Post-it notes on Apple Device

by Shruti Shree

So, you are still a fan of those colourful, sticky, handy Post-it notes, they help you remember things, jot down those million dollar ideas, organize your day, make to do lists et al. 3M has digitised the Post-it notes scribbles for you. If you have a device by Apple with iOS 8 or higher, then you can use the Post-it Plus App by 3M to organize your Post-it notes. Just take a picture of your Post-it notes, you can take a picture of 50 notes at a time, organize your ideas by thoughts or simply in a grid. Then combine your Post-it boards from various sessions and you might have some useful information on your hands. It is also possible to share these Post-it notes with your colleagues or friends and have that brainstorming session just anytime and from anywhere. People with whom you choose to share your notes will be able to arrange, add and build on to your great ideas. You also have the option of exporting these on other medium such as PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, PDF or Evernote, whichever you prefer. However, if you are sharing your Post-it notes, don’t forget to make sure your handwriting is clear and the notes are not overlapping each other.

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