Possio Greta the GSM fax / printer

by Dhiram Shah

I really feel that the Possio GRETA is a classic in the making. Everything from the name to the looks to the specs says that my statement is pretty valid. First of all, the GRETA looks drop dead gorgeous. It has a distinct body shape and color. There are loads of Print, Scan, Fax, Copy machines around, but what separates the GRETA is that it improves your Faxing capabilities by sending all your messages via tri-band GSM. Sounds interesting and proves to be good too. It comes with 50 feet roll of paper and a brilliant illuminated keyboard. It has a NiMH battery power supply in it and has dimensions of 11.4 x 5.9 x 2-inches.

I am looking forward for more of the Possio GRETA. Wonder how much it will cost.


  1. Possio GRETA Combination Printer, Scanner, Fax and Cellphone

    Possio used 3GSM to launch the GRETA GSM Fax & Printer. This all-in-one unit combines, you guessed it, a fax machine, printer, copier, scanner… and a cellphone? Well, you can make cellular calls with it, but it’s not exactly the…

  2. Christina

    When,Where and How much can I get Greta?

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