Portable washlet by Toto

by shilpa

While reading this I could almost hear the cries of a billion relieved women who are spooked out of their wits by the thought of using a public toilet. Toto, renowned for their fancy toilets, has come up with a new, very interesting, convenient, and a tad bit odd product. It is the portable washlet. A washlet, for the confused, is something that the Japanese invented, thanks to their obsession to cleanliness… no spot overlooked. This device uses a bidet that sprays water once you are done with the ‘nature’ call. Toto has hence updated its model and launched its portable washlet which allows you to carry it wherever you go – no more having to dread the billion bacteria that could creep into your insides not knowing where all its been at.

Toto’s portable washlet is available on Amazon for $140. If you are still a bit sceptical about the thought, let me add what one consumer commented – it apparently felt ‘pretty good’. Ideal for travelling, I would say.