Port-a-Bach is a $55k home that can be taken anywhere you go

by mohsin

Most of us dream of settling at one place for the rest of our lives, but the nomadic drive in some of us keeps us on our toes and in search for that elusive greener pasture. However, such attitudes are not encouraged and let’s not forget owning or renting in various parts of the world is a rather expensive option for mere mortals like us. So why not opt for the Port-a-Bach, its New Zealand’s answer to the nomadic drive among us. A uniquely designed container box which opens up to a nice bachelor pad, has a cabin that is 6.1 meters by 2.4 meters and is capable of sleeping four adults comfortably. It can accommodate many more depending on the design option you order. The unit is completely self reliant when it comes to power, sewer and water requirements, keeping its ecological footprint to a bare minimal.

The Port-a-Bach cost around $55,000, and is an ideal solution in the time of crisis, conflicts or war, since one can just tag this house on container trucks and move it to anyplace in the world. Of course, that is if you can afford the shipping charges involved!

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