Pornhub’s Wankband will charge your phone as you pleasure yourself

by Gareth Mankoo

Oh golly! They say that there would be sex in everything someday, but we didn’t look at smartphone charging as an option. As it goes with all things Pornhub, their newest innovation entitled the Wankband is full of surprises and sheer genius that is far too stimulating to our senses. Basically a wearable wristband, the Wankband measures the number of times a user beats his monkey, turning all the pent up sexual energy into kinetic energy and eventually electrical energy. This power can then be used to charge your phone. Word has it that women can benefit from this contraption too (don’t ask us how).

While some may cook up theories of how receptive some folk would be, to choking the gecko each time their phone battery dies, others will notice the sustainably novel initiative in all its innocent intention. We do acknowledge that porn viewers worldwide do pleasure themselves silly while viewing porn, but hey, did they contribute towards reducing global warming? Now they do.

[Via – Fast-Co-Design]