Polaroid to promote smartphone photography with Fotobar-based stores

by Gareth Mankoo

Polaroid will be on their top game after a while when they set out lifting shutters on sparkling new stores that show off smartphone photography. Based on its based on its Fotobar service, which lets users upload, enhance, and print shots from smartphones or cameras, Polaroid will open up a store to display the captured moments. The first store will open up next month in Delray Beach, Florida and will be followed by nine more stores in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and across the rest of the USA. Fotobar first opened as an online store in October. It specialized in printing images captured by phones using services such as Instagram or the stock camera application. Users could edit their images by leveraging tools and filters.

Polaroid are doing a lot to ensure that they have something to back their nostalgia trump card. Currently, the brand has updated its instant printing cameras and is finally tapping into a mix of online and offline marketing to draw as many as it can to try the new marvel out.


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