PocketGrow Gives Your Plants a Voice to Tweet With

by iona

Have you ever felt like your relationship with your house plants was one-sided? That the love you lavish upon them isn’t always appreciated or returned? This latest innovation, PocketGrow, is set to change that. Apparently the world’s smallest hydroponic grow box, PocketGrow not only provides conditions conducive to maximum plant growth, but it allows your plants to tweet about how happy they are. The box has an LED feature, which provides the solar power for your plants to grow, and a PicAxe 14M micro-controller, that monitors temperature, light and watering. If things get too bright or dry for your seedlings, LabBox Server software lets you control PocketGrow directly from your computer via the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Best of all, a tweet function sends plant status updates, including information about temperature, moisture and brightness levels to Twitter. When your plants start demanding “feed me Seymour”, like Audrey 2, then you know you are in trouble.

PocketGrow is expected to start shipping in January 2011.
Via – [Greenlaunches]

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