Pocketable RC cars from Hot Wheels

by iona

Hot Wheels have released a new series of remote control cars for boys who like cars just a little too much to be satisfied by simply driving the real thing. Stealth Rides are Hot Wheels’ latest remote controlled cars. They come as a race car or treaded crawler, and are both small enough to carry about and big enough to stow their own remote controls. The Z9 racer has a red body with an orange go-faster stripe, while the Chromium FX treaded vehicle is slinky silver and blue. Hot Wheels have promised to add a Batman Tumbler to the collection this October. The cars are easily controlled by their built-in infra-red remotes and pushing down on the chassis causes the wheels to fold away, so the vehicles can fit in their cases. The cars have a 15ft range and can get up to 45 minutes of juice from three calculator-sized batteries. Controllers require an extra two batteries. The Hot Wheels toys are priced at $25 each.

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