Plotclock writes and rubs time, in real time!

by Gareth Mankoo

There exist among us some who cannot bear the brunt of looking up to a clock each time they need to tell the time. For sheer convenience, they would like to have someone who would proactively respond to, ‘What time is it?’, anytime, all the time. That’ just where the aweome RoboCLOCK comes into play. Basically a robotic arm, the Plotclock was designed by Thingiverse member Johannes. It writes the time in 24-hour clock format using a pen on a miniature white board. As soon as the time changes (which is every time), the arm erases the old time and writes down the current time. The Plotclock is powered by an Arduino board and the parts of the clock are 3D-printed

A DIY instruction set is all ready to help illustrious developers go on and create their very own Plotclock. The ingredients involve a laser cutter or 3D printer, 1 Arduino Uno board, 3 servos, 1 dry wipe pen, a piece of white board, M3 nuts, bolts and thread tape. Once you have these, simply head to Thingiverse and download the instructions.