PlayStation 4 ‘Orbis’ may have the same GPU as the Xbox 720

by Gareth Mankoo

Love it or hate it, the tease is never dying. We’re totally mindblown by the speculated specifications of the PlayStation 4, that’s been making rounds under the alias, Orbis. To start off with we have word that there may be a custom AMD A8-3850 CPU clocked at 2.9GHz. The graphics domain of the console will be taken care of by a Radeon HD 7900 GPU. This could well be the same graphics card that the Xbox 720 would pack. The alleged list of specs also goes on to say that the PS 4 may support HDMI 1.4a.

The date and probable price of the Orbis or the next Xbox are both not mentioned or even guessed by anyone yet. So we’re giving you the liberty to shoot a wild one. Go ahead and comment.