Playa iPhone Case stores condoms; protects your phone and you

by Gavril Mankoo

iPhone cases these days seem to do a lot more than simply protecting your Apple device from the elements. This case, dubbed the Playa Case, protects multiple devices, literally, sporting a slot to store condoms! By Annex Products based in Australia, this exceptional case for the iPhone 4/4S beats the use of wallets that usually double up as condom-storing spaces. A great way to impress your lady friend, this polycarbonate case does have it cons however. First of all, owing to the fact that the iPhone heats up more often than not, storing a rubber condom in the case isn’t such a wise idea after all, and could lead to damaging the contraceptive. Also, women who don’t particularly fancy the idea are bound to be disgusted, leaving you alone and shipwrecked, with a $30 iPhone case that you thought would make you look cool!

[Available at Open Case via Gizmodiva]

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