Planets and Satellites in your living room courtesy TakaraTomy

by Dhiram Shah

The mystery of the cosmos may not be solved for a long time but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the solar system into your abode. Enjoy the magical experience of the Earth and the Moon as they light up your living space with their glow. Don’t spoil the poetry by reminding me that only stars have light. Japan’s TakaraTomy and their Fuwarito lamps spread the divine glow in any case. The Fuwarito lamps fashioned as the Earth and Moon are helium-filled mylar balloons with an LED built into the bottom. The weighted base keeps them in place. Each light comes with two cans of helium gas to top-up.

TakaraTomy’s Fuwarito lamps can be found at Japanese retailer ASCII for ¥3,343 each (about $27 USD.)

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