Pixel Qi’s display to roll out in several devices, readable in sunlight

by Gareth Mankoo

Pixel Qi are renowned in the field of developing displays that can be read, even in direct sunlight. That’s just what you can expect from a wide range of devices that will finally roll out with this technology. The company has earned its reputation by providing for defense purposes. Starting off is the Sol Windows 7 Tablet that will cost $1299, Clover System SunBook Netbook that costs $749, the InboxPadVQ A8388 ($382) and OLPC XO laptops. And these are only the forerunners. We’re looking at a promising future of the technology that has so far been only on wishlists.

The effectiveness of turning the backlight off saves up to 80 percent power. The miracle of E-ink in its finest avatar is yet to be explored.