Pioneer’s Floating Vision Display Lets One Interact With Floating Images

by ruchi

Pioneer recently demonstrated a new technology called “Floating Vision” Display at the Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC) that is a glasses free 3D display which would allow users interact with floating images. With this, the company intends to nudge people into a world with a never-seen-before input experience. Pioneer plans to use this display in its future car navigation systems but it could turn out to be lot more fun if something like this was also introduced for gaming consoles.

The video here shows the car navigation demo where the Floating Vision display is used along with multiple touch screen panel displays. When you select an object icon, say a restaurant or parking space, on the touch panel and swipe your hand over it on the floating Vision display, the icons will be displayed across the map. The 3D prototype has a LCD module on the back with special 3D lens in the front. This leads to image formation at a place where it appears to be floating in space. With this model being further developed, we can be certain that more complicated gestures for interacting with actual hologram doesn’t seem unrealistic at all.

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