Pioneer unveils S-DJ05 monitor speakers with 5-inch woofers

by Gavril Mankoo

Planning to spin those tracks on that shiny new console of yours? Here’s a conspicuous pair of monitors for your DJ console that’s sure to keep you well aware of just how your music sounds to the masses while playing live. By Pioneer, the S-DJ05 speakers go well for music production too, and boast 5-inch woofers and a curved waveguide enclosure that directs sound from the soft-dome tweeters in a wider pattern, enhancing both staging as well as imaging. The S-DJ05 does well with bass notes too and sport a built-in linear equalizer to fine-tune frequency and a four-source (XLR, TRS, and two sets of RCA) input switcher that enables multiple-device connections. Also, these might fall a bit expensive on your pocket, with a pair costing $899, though the result seems to be good enough to satisfy most audiophiles around.