Pioneer unveils augmented-reality based Cyber Navi infotainment system

by Gavril Mankoo

Pioneer has recently unveiled a newer way to have drivers more distracted than ever. Based on augmented-reality technology, this latest head-unit called “Cyber Navi” works as an infotainment system complete with an entertainment suite, GPS navigation, DVD playback, 1Seg television, and a motorized retractable display. Using a MicroVision laser projector, the system simply beams images onto the wind-screen that according to us however is distracting to say the least. The technology does seem promising though and could work better with a smart tucked-away interface that works without distracting drivers.

And that’s not all. Pioneer has also topped this one up with a cellular USB modem complete with a three year free service while the system as a whole is available for $3,765 and $4,015 for the AVIC-ZH99 and the AVIC-VH99 respectively.