Pioneer launches BDR-205 worlds first 12x Bluray drive for desktop PCs

by mohsin

Pioneer has unveiled a new Blu-ray burner for desktop computers called the BDR-205. The drive is a 5.25-inch desktop drive made to go inside a computer. It claims to be the first Blu-ray writer to hit 12x speeds. If you have ever burned a full Blu-ray disc of data, you know how long it takes to write 50 GB of data. The drive will also burn to other media forms like DVD and CD at 16x and 40x respectively.

Pioneer will begin shipping the drive in October 2009 with a retail version shipping in Q1 2010 for $249. In addition, the new drive also comes with Pioneer’s Low Vibration Mechanism Design, which needs to be properly configured on the user’s desktop computer system.
Via [Gizmodo]

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