Pioneer Discussion Table is all set to take on Microsoft’s Surface

by Shayne Rana

From smart wallets to smarter tables. Pioneer is the latest company to take on Microsoft’s Surface after Sony’s Atrac Table. Their Discussion Table looks like it could seriously give Surface a run for its money. It might also fare quite well in because I don’t see this being too high priced a technology as all that since it’s essentially a PC that runs on a Core i7 processor a Windows Embedded Standard 7. Of course there’s a bit of coding on top for gestures etc. It’s designed to work in tandem with your mobile PCs i.e. tablets, note/netbooks etc. and features multi-touch functionality, TransferJet embedded into the bezel for getting data off of digicams etc. and even a humongous virtual keyboard. It’ll also let you simply push or throw, if you will, data onto secondary displays. Look out Surface!

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