Pioneer AVIC-X3 Navigation System

by Dhiram Shah

The AVIC-X3 from Pioneer is not only a navigation system it’s also an in-dash entertainment hub. As a navi-system it uses several sensors to get you the exact directions. It relies on a sensitive GPS receiver, a 3D gyroscope and your cars speed sensor to give the directions. This will be of a great help in tunnels or big cities. The system also features traffic message channel compatibility, 1.5 million points of interest, and a dual-zone entertainment and communications system. Back-seaters can enjoy DVDs while you (the driver) concentrate on the navigation. It supports media files like MP3, WMA, AAC, and DivX. The iPod can be connected via a separate cable. Other input options include hooking up the camcorder and gaming consoles.

The AVIC-X3 features Bluetooth and can be used to control your phone hands free and use it to stream music. It is expected to hit the European shelves by September, but the pricing is not known.

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