Pioneer BDR-WFS05J is the worlds first wireless BD / DVD / CD drive

by Shayne Rana

Pioneer has, well… pioneered their way into an all new development for portable BD / DVD / CD drives. The BDR-WFS05J, is a world’s first, a BD drive that’s fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS and features wireless connectivity. The drive can be connected to your PC wirelessly for writing or accessing data (wireless LAN – IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n.) but your PC will also have to be LAN IEEE 802.11n (ideal value 300Mbps) supported. All of this works through high-speed USB virtualization tech that Pioneer is using for connectivity.

The drive, along with its corresponding docking station can be connected to a network via a direct line to the router through the station and or Access Point Mode. This will allow for high-speed transmission (70Mbps). Via station mode the BDR-WFS05J corresponds to video / audio transmission via the router and also allows for recording. The dock is connected via AC adapter and can also be used as a dock for other HDD and a BD drives. It also supports USB Boot. It also come equipped with an advanced quiet firmware so as to reduce the operating noise. Support also includes Blu-ray 3D, features for Video editing software etc. All of this will set you back about $252 (25,000 YEN) and will be available in later this month.

[Via – Impress]