Pino cushion what every coder and blogger wants

by Dhiram Shah

Bet we have often conducted ourselves like Droopy at work…..especially at noon time after a grub. A power nap….. cat nap, snooze, doze, or simply, afternoon nap what ever we dub it, is all that we need to jump back to work! But as we drop our head on the desk over our folded hands, we tend to redden our arm or mark our cheek with the watches or rings we adorn. Pino- a portable hand pillow is here to rescue us! Just slide your arms thru it and snuggle on its soft smooth artificial leather surface. It comes with a cushion encased in a cover in pink, green and blue. You need not worry about the size too as the makers from Japan have made kept it just right to fit into your hand bag.

Moreover you can wash the cover and the cushion both to keep it clean. Pino is all yours in the land of rising sun of 5800 Yen ($ 50).

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